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Selected NASA-specific work and engagement:

Program Specialist:

Engineering and Technology Directorate’s Mission and Systems Analysis Division

NASA Exoplanet Watch:

Exoplanet transits research and multi-object photometry with the goal of contributing to "Exoplanet Watch" which uses ground-based, robotic telescopes to constrain the orbital parameters of transiting Hot Jupiters.

Featured for NASA's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

NASA Office of Communications:

Support crew for JWST first images release and release events.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:

Collaborator for NASA live shots broadcasts.

NASA + Google:

Writing education-based content on key differences between JWST and the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA en Español:

Voiceover work for “Recientemente en la NASA" highlighting weekly science happening across NASA facilities.

NASA en Español:

Contributing content creator for podcast aimed at engaging Spanish speaking hopeful NASA interns, focused on the several types of internships offered, highlighting the different experiences including in-person and remote work, as well as internships outside of science fields.

NASA Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy:

Futures Roundtables for the NASA office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy. Engaging students regarding ways to succeed at NASA internships, and how to engage across facilities in and outside of science.

NASA STEM Engagement:

MUREP engages underrepresented populations through a wide variety of initiatives. It also provides multi-year grants awarded to assist minority institution faculty and students in research of pertinent missions. 

Student Resources

Click below for direct pages to many opportunities to engage with NASA whether you're a student, educator, or just an enthusiast.

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