I sincerely do not like biographies in the third person, so let's just pretend we're talking...

I'm just someone who absolutely adores space, and who has a deep passion for science. Born and raised on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, with an unfortunate lack of access, or basic exposure to any of it.

I started solely focused on Physics, but made the switch to Astro and Planetary Sciences due to my love of Observational Astronomy. Currently, I am signed in NYC and working on a book for younger readers. A creative non-fiction piece about a girl and her relationship with the Moon.

When I'm not trying to understand the Universe, I'm usually trying to photograph it. I also train in Astronautics as actively as I can, going to space is not only a personal dream, but I also happen to respect interdisciplinarity very much.

Who knows? maybe I'll make it someday, and if I don't, I'm still enjoying the journey.



Advocacy and Activism...

The more private part of my work involves advocacy for education access / equity, and activism for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, as well as homelessness-all things I used to be. 




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