I do not like biographies in the third person, so I'll just tell you a little bit about me...

I am simply someone who adores Space and is very devoted to Science and Education-born and raised on a beautiful island in the Caribbean, with an unfortunate lack of access or exposure to them. 

I'm currently focused in Astronomical and Planetary Sciences, and signed by The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, working on my first book for younger readers.

A creative non-fiction work about the Moon...


When I am not training to become an astronaut (yes really), telling people to look up, spending time with those I love, or just being a nerd, I like to focus my attention on education access and equity. 


I work on advocacy for victims of domestic/sexual abuse, and homelessness- just like I was, and I like to raise awareness on the importance of Mental Health in everyday life and academia: 

"Reasons behind my activism"

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