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Personal Bio

Space has always been my joy, passion, and even source of comfort. 

It was the driving force behind me leaving my birth land, and even learning the language. My current academic background is both in Astronomy and Engineering.

I also enjoy imaging and actively try to learn how to photograph the cosmos, but I tend to run around with my cameras pointed at life down here on Earth too. I talk a lot about my love of the Moon, and enjoy encouraging others to take time to look up.​

The more private part of my life involves activism.


The Intersection
Activism + Education

I think I became an activist when I was about eight years old, and got one of my first beatings for advocating for my own education and body autonomy. 

Now as an adult, I participate in activism for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, as well as homelessness. 

These are all circumstances I had to face throughout my life, and have been fortunate enough to overcome. I also advocate for education access, equity, and community-building. 

Although at times I've utilized social media to raise awareness on these topics, organize, and distribute funds, these days I prefer to conduct any activism in a more direct manner.

This approach has proven most effective for the mental and physical safety of those I work with, my loved ones, and my own. 

The Goals

The ultimate goal for me would be to become an astronaut (crazy huh?) but if I don't make it to space, at least I get to challenge enough preconceptions of who gets to have access to these opportunities.


I think the actual goal for me is to live a life I can be happy with and feel proud of, maybe leaving the world a tiny bit better than I found it. 

Thank you for your visit.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by clicking below:

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them"

_Maya Angelou

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