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Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

If you think about it, we are living in this tiny planet that is part of a whole solar system, which is part of a whole galaxy… in a universe that contains a multitude of them… it’s hard to think we’re the only intelligent life.

Then there’s the matter of life itself. All living organisms are built from a mixture of main ingredients which include:




And Oxygen

Some of these elements are very abundant as far as we know and have explored, but if we only look at it this way, it can lead to confusion over what kind of life can be found out there (realistically).

For perspective I like to use visuals, for example here’s one of my favorite images from the Hubble Space Telescope, a view called Ultra Deep Field showing nearly 10,000 galaxies in a little patch of sky.

THEN you have my all-time favorite image from Hubble, the eXtreme Deep Field, this is the deepest image of the universe ever created, and in this little patch of sky we can observe some of the most distant galaxies and objects ever observed. It’s the closest thing to traveling back in time to a much younger universe. There’s just too much out there, to think we are the only intelligent life.

I try my hardest to stay away from anything that can promote the idea of aliens hiding around the cosmos and making secret visits to Earth. Even though we cannot say there *is* intelligent life out there for sure… we definitely cannot say that there is none. The possibility of microscopic life in our own solar system has already been discussed, It’s fun to imagine what life would look like which of course would depend on many factors. We would even have to consider what “intelligent life” means to us versus them and whether that could be communicated between the species.

So… is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

The answer is we don’t know, and that’s also the most exciting part about this question.