A ride to Jupiter for us all

As almost everyone knows (in my circles at least) I am absolutely in love with planet Jupiter, of course it is also no secret that the Juno spacecraft has been sending back our closest views of the planet yet. There is a seemingly "new" subculture of space lovers that NASA has named citizen scientists, and I’m delighted to say I know a few of them myself. Inspired by these individuals from all over the world and their processing of some of the data images we get back from space probes like Juno and Cassini, I had to join in the fun.

On July 13, 2017 I made my first image editing submission of Jupiter, which I uploaded to the official NASA/Juno website. It is quite an amazing feeling to be in love with something so much, and then have the opportunity to be a part of it even in small ways, and I am very grateful to NASA for always encouraging everyone to join in the wonder and the exploration.

This is my first image editing and submission, after it was officially "NASA Approved", this is a section of Jupiter during Juno's flyover to observe the Great Red Spot.

My first go at Juno data - RoseDF

This was my second attemp at JunoCam image processing of Jupiter raw data, Perijove-8 / 2017-09-01.

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