First view of JWST deep field showing thousands of galaxies.

General Engagement Sample List

This list includes writing, radio, interviews, editing, features, live engagement, and virtual. Periodically updated as time allows.


vector art of a triangle that appears to be made of smaller triangles.

3D Printing Resources

Self-funded project operated from my home, I own the 3D printers we use and have been able to ship PPE in the thousands across the US.

Operated by me and NY Science Educator Brian Malin, and "Makers for COVID" - with printers by 3D Printer maker Prusa, and safety measures and guidelines provided by NY Presbyterian Hospital in New York City

Vector art depicting a magazine

Astronomia Magazine

Overcoming obstacles in the field of Astronomy for individuals coming from poverty, and non-traditional circumstances.

Vector art depicting a microphone

Story Collider

On-Stage speaker in New York city for their show “Transformations”.

Vector art depicting a magazine

Symmetry Magazine 

Physics in a Second Language

addressing the challenges of studying science in a language other than your first.

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Ask A Spaceman: Live by Science Friday

Segment: Origins. Presented at Housing Works in New York City.

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

“In The Times of SciComm”

Science communication for large institutions performing groundbreaking work in science, and how exposure can potentially lead to more funding.

Vector art depicting a pencil

Sister STEM

Contributing Writer

Vector art depicting a screen with a logo in the center representing a play button.

Exploring by the Seat of your Pants

“SciComm Story time” Speaking engagement addressing younger students across the US about education access and equity in space related studies

Vector art depicting a graduation cap.


Latinas in Earth and Planetary Science.

Vector art depicting a pencil


Contributing Writer.

Vector art depicting a pencil

Field Guide to College Science Teaching by Prof. Terry McGlynn

Contributing editor

Vector art depicting a planet

SyFy Wire

Jupiter image processing, with raw data acquired from NASA’s JunoCam on board space probe Juno.

Vector art depicting a gear wheel

ChickTech NYC - High School Robotics Kick Off

“Summer Robotics Concept development” newsletter creator for the outreach program aimed at retaining more women in science and technology.

Vector art depicting a pull down screen, with a logo in the center of a play button.

Mujer, Ciencia, y Arte

Cientificas Latinoamericanas: speaking to women across Latin America about science communication and Astronomy.

Vector art depicting a graduation cap.

STEM Caribbean Media

Caribbean voices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics” in the Caribbean region and the World.

Vector art depicting a medal with writing on the bottom.

Make Space Awards / The STEM Squad

Member of the judging committee, and inspiration for some of the art used to raise funds for the award.

Vector art depicting a pencil

Style Engineers Worldwide

“Fashioning the Future with Rose DF” 

Vector art depicting a pencil

EARTHER by Gizmodo

“The Science of Fiction” explaining the science and science fiction behind a planet from beloved science fiction show “Doctor Who”.