This is a small sample list of general engagements, it is periodically updated as time allows, a full CV can be provided upon request.

Work / Communication / Volunteer 


Contributing science communicator for NASA and NASA en Español, based out of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA HQ.

Sister STEM

“Community College Beyond the Bias”
Exploring some of the biases attached to attending community college, and some of the variables making community college a smart choice.

COVID Educational resource

Self-funded project operated from my home, I own the 3D printers in use and have been able to ship PPE in the thousands across the US.

Engineering by: B. Malin - Educator at High School for Environmental Studies and Rockland Community College. Collaborations with "Makers for COVID". Printers by: 3D Printer maker Prusa. Safety measures and guidelines by: NY Presbyterian.​

 Astronomía Magazine

“Never Stop Dreaming”

Overcoming obstacles in the field of Astronomy for individuals coming from poverty, and non-traditional circumstances.

Physics in a Second Language

“Symmetry Magazine”

Addressing the challenges of studying science in a language other than your mother tongue and how to overcome them.



Contributing Writer.


Empowering Latinx women to thrive in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Exploring by the Seat of your Pants

“SciComm Story time”

Addressing younger students across the US about education access and equity in space related studies.

"One Million Women in Science" Campaign

Global campaign spotlighting real women in STEM and providing visible role models for future generations.

STEM Caribbean Media

 “Caribbean voices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics”

Highliting voices in STEM the Caribbean region and the World.

Story Collider

Speaker: Live show in New York City

“Transformations: How Science Saved My Life”


"Field Guide to College Science Teaching" by Prof. Terry McGlynn

Contributing Editor


SyFy Wire

Jupiter image processing, with raw data acquired from NASA’s JunoCam on board space probe Juno.


EARTHER by Gizmodo

“The Science of Fiction”

Explaining the science and science fiction behind a planet from beloved science fiction show “Doctor Who”.

Ask A Spaceman Live by Science Friday

"Origins" Presented at Housing Works in New York City. Speaker

Mujer, Ciencia, y Arte

Cientificas Latinoamericanas

Speaking to women across Latin America about science communication and Astronomy.

ChickTech NYC - High School Robotics

“Summer Robotics Concept development”

Newsletter creator for the outreach program aimed at retaining more women in science and technology.


Stories In Science

“Hispaniola Born, Earthbound Explorer”

Overcoming poverty, no rights to education, and dreaming big.


Project PoSSUM

Candidate for Polar Suborbital Science in the Upper Mesosphere research - Scientist-Astronaut Program.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

“In The Times of SciComm”

 Science communication for large institutions performing groundbreaking work in science.​

Make Space Awards / The STEM Squad

Judging committee, inspiration for some of the art used to raise funds for the award.


Style Engineers Worldwide

“Fashioning the Future with Rose DF” 

Synapse Science

 “Per Aspera Ad Astra: Representation in STEM, and Science”.

Guest Speaker


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