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Sample list of General Engagement

This includes general collaboration, panels, writing, interviews, speaking engagements, consulting, volunteer and paid work. English and Spanish. 

(Periodically updated as time allows)

Slooh Collaboration

Standards-aligned learning activities, whether you have a week or a semester to study space, for middle school science, high school physics, high school astronomy, college introductory astronomy, and at home.


100% free content on science and technology. At Nerdearla you can learn languages, platforms and paradigms that will help you advance in your professional career. You will also find a community that will give you support and help you grow.

AFP Crecer (Dominican Republic)

"Week of Innovation" 

Promoviendo el pensamiento creativo y crítico, invirtiendo en soluciones de alto impacto.

NASA STEM: Success Summit.

MUREP engages underrepresented populations through a wide variety of initiatives such as multi-year grants awarded to assist Minority Institution faculty and students in research of pertinent missions. 

NASA Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy.

Futures Roundtables 

NASA + Google

Creating interactive education-based content and storytelling, utilizing Google 3D models.

NASA Office of Communications
Voice-over work
Content creation
Support team during JWST first images release.

Astronomía Magazine

Overcoming obstacles in the field of Astronomy for individuals coming from poverty, and non-traditional circumstances.

Sister STEM
Contributing Writer.

Space Foundation 

nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that define the global space ecosystem.

Story Collider

On-Stage speaker in New York city for their show “Transformations”.

Symmetry Magazine 
Physics in a Second Language
addressing the challenges of studying science in a language other than your first.

Ask A Spaceman: Live by Science Friday
Segment: Origins. Presented at Housing Works in New York City.

3D Printing Resources
Self-funded project operated from my home, I own the 3D printers we use and have been able to ship PPE in the thousands across the US.

Exploring by the Seat of your Pants
“SciComm Story time” Speaking engagement addressing younger students across the US about education access and equity in space related studies.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
“In The Times of SciComm”
Science communication for large institutions performing groundbreaking work in science, and how exposure can potentially lead to more funding.

Contributing Writer.

Latinas in Earth and Planetary Science.

SyFy Wire
Jupiter image processing, with raw data acquired from NASA’s JunoCam on board space probe Juno.

Style Engineers Worldwide
“Fashioning the Future with Rose DF” 

Mujer, Ciencia, y Arte
Cientificas Latinoamericanas: speaking to women across Latin America about science communication and Astronomy.


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